Where do We Stand on Homework?

Today I read this neat little article bit called Never Mind the Students; Homework Divides Parents posted by Kyle Spencer on EWA (Education Writers Association). I was really shaken but this statement about a school making “traditional homework” go away in their district:

Some privately called the plan “economically and racially insensitive,” favoring families with time and money to provide their own enrichment.

First of all, how is NOT giving your child homework racially insensitive?? I am so confused as how not giving homework has anything to do with your race? Can someone explain this part to me?
Secondly, “time and money” is required to “provide their own enrichment”?? What do you mean? Students are still encouraged to read books every night, books I assume they get from their school, which the last time I checked, counts as enrichment. And it’s *gasp* free. What do you mean time? Are you not home and never worried about your kid because they have homework to keep them busy? What kind of life are you living? Should I be calling Child Protective Services??? I’m truly puzzled as to how your child being a happier, freer, human being is causing you trouble. Are they disrupting the work you have to bring home? Family reading time. In my day my mom would sit at the living room table with us and do paper work and we would do homework and read, and that was just a little way to make getting stuff done bearable, and a little family time as well. 

Call me old fashioned, but the second you become a parent, nothing is about you anymore. And don’t you dare make your child feel bad for being happy. Dig out the Legos they got when they were seven, challenge them every day to build something new, that’s enrichment. There are so many things you can do for free that will be enriching for your child and won’t take away from your time or pocket book. 

Maybe I’m a little bitter, but honestly, get it together man. No homework rocks.
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