Cathy Fleischer?? An Advocate??

Cathy is a Head Honcho of the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) and one of the major advocates in Education today. She has done a lot of work on this stuff, and today I got to meet her over Google Hangouts. So, here we go!

One thing I really liked that Cathy spoke about was not just using a tactics only approach. Meaning, not just Tweeting your congressman one day, not just things like the March for Science that happened this last Sunday. What she is talking about here is making yourself a long term advocate, which can include the tactics, but not comprised solely of little tactics.

From what Cathy said, it is very important to stick to your guns, but be willing and ready to work with others to help them understand. She recommends encouraging and praising little progressions  in the issue, but consistently pushing for more. I also really liked this strategy for positive growth. It has it’s flaws, like if a person really does not want to move their views, they won’t. But it is also great because at least if you are trying you are showing you care and other people will see that, and maybe they will grow positively.

So, overall, I would recommend you get in contact with Cathy, whether that be via e-mail, her office hours, or Google Hangouts. She is a great resource and an inspiration. 10/10 would meet again.


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