Being a Healthy Advocate

For my Teacher as Advocate (TA) badge, I wanted to focus more on the teachers, like really, the teachers. So, I wanted to get to the root of this, health. Teachers are extremely exposed to everything; the elements, disease, viruses, germs, general icky things, and so much more. So, the point here, is how can teachers advocate for themselves, and advocate for better health care options for themselves?

A lot of the health issues that I will talk over the duration of this badge will refer to insurance, which is generally linked with the government, administration choices, and economic factors. I will, of course, also talk about the things that affect teachers health. Mostly, I want to explore how teachers can support each other and advocate for other teachers being healthy and happy, because all change has to start somewhere, why not start with the teachers themselves?

So, how do we get our teachers healthier without inflicting the wrath of the government and school administrative boards?

I have no idea, besides being kind to one another. As I have been searching, no one truly seems too concerned about the health of the teacher. There are millions of sites and sources for teachers to help students, but not other teachers. Perhaps a lot of these tips/strategies/etc. work for other teachers as well, but why not specifically? So what the hell am I supposed to work with?? I suppose I’m going to go with general rules for supporting people, and perhaps that will help with my action plan?!

If you have any advice or comments, or even resources that I have missed regarding this topic, please help!

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