Teachers are Leaders??

Yes, believe it or not. They are the greatest and (not so) arguably the most important leaders of this country. First lets let Precious Crabtree explain to us what teacher leaders do from her post, How do you know if you’re a teacher leader? She says teacher leaders:

  • Step up in different ways to take on issues, identify challenges, organize individuals, and inspire others to advocate for themselves.
  • Don’t just believe they can make a difference, they take action to do so.
  • Raise their hand and ask the hard questions.
  • Reach out and encourage others to speak up.
  • Stir the pot.
  • Volunteer their time, resources, and expertise in order to make things better for the greater good.
  • Invest in other teachers and in the profession itself.

So, what does this mean to me? It means I’m already, kind of a teacher leader. As a student of anything I feel you are already a good portion of the way down the road to being a teacher, leader, or both! I think more or less, most people have these qualities, but not all people can tap into those powers for good.

One thing I personally want to work on more is stirring that pot. I’m reaching a point in my life, and many people in this country are at this time, where we want to be heard, we want to be respected, and we want justice and fairness for the people in our country, and people who share this world with us. We’re reaching a point in time in this country, where it is starting to akin in my mind to the fall of a civilization. Like the reference to the fall of civilization in the poem Leda and the Swan by Yeats. This poem has a few references to ancient Greek mythology and legend, and I think it is becoming increasingly relevant today.

But more on this later! Signing off, Jaile.

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