Be Grateful

Today I read this really cute poem. It’s called Three Gratitudes by Carrie Newcomer. It’s really great. 10/10 would recommend reading it yourself, if you haven’t, and then following the challenge that Cindy gave us, to list our own three gratitudes. So, having said that, my three are:

  1. Rainy days. I know it’s a little weird, but I really enjoy them. It’s a little cooler outside, everyone is a little sleepy. When I’m at home I curl up in a big pile of warm blankets and pillows with my favorite girl and nap and read books and in those moments, life is perfect.
  2. Hot chocolate. It’s warm, sweet, creamy, delicious, and has just enough comforting ability to keep me awake but not anxious.
  3. Quiet corners. I tend to hide in bathroom stalls, quiet rooms, and any corner that is out of the way. With my anxiety comes a lot of overwhelming feelings, a lot of the time I get overstimulated (a great little article to help with this sort of thing). When I get over stimulated and cannot focus, or run away to a quiet corner, I turn on my headphones, noise cancelling/reducing, and I turn on my rain noises from my Pacifica app that I have blogged about in the past.

Ok, your three gratidtudes, go!

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