Education is… SCARY

What about the education profession gives you anxiety or scares you? Where do you anticipate struggling the most? Can you think of an easy way to resolve these apprehensions? How so? Who can you reach out to for reassurance and support?

Today’s prompt was delivered again by wonderful classmates. So, here we go!

ALL THE THINGS. Just kidding, only a few of the things that have to do with education scares me. I think mostly the idea of having the responsibility of keeping 20+ teenagers somehow under control scares me. I can keep kids pretty well under control, but teens are a whole other STORY. I’ve managed to keep like 10-15 under control, but that extra five with the possibility of a few more is terrifying. Because those 5+ extras could be absolute WILD CARDS. (I apologize for all of my all caps explosions, but I don’t like bold words.) And by wild cards, I mean hooligans. Destructive monsters. Teens that feel like the world owes them something and are somehow jaded already by the effects of the world. I want my students to respect me, but I want them to do it on their own terms, and that’s kind of scary too.

What if a student never truly respects me and acts out ALL the time!? I suppose I would learn to manage that situation, but how tired am I going to be by the time I figure it out? How will I keep my patience with that student? I consider myself a pretty patient person, it worries me that one day, the patience will run out.

Ultimately, how do I remain calm, patient, and under control? NO ONE HAS ACTUALLY TAUGHT ME THIS YET. So, welcome back to my brain and I hope you have a great day.

PS. Any advice you have on this will be accepted with open ears. Jaile

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