So, I had to learn about my leadership style…

Yeah, it was pretty exciting. For my TA badge I had to do this fun little quiz thing: Leadership Compass Self Assessment. 

With this I figured out that I am mostly a westward leader. Meaning that I am very information driven, and that can be a big fault. But, East and South were just one point behind, meaning that I also am flexible and fair, which can also be a fault.

The least of all of these was north, which was still pretty significant considering I was a 7 out of 10. That means I am less assertive, and we all know that can be a fault. I know that I can be assertive when I need to be, but I still struggle with being assertive, especially when it seems like what everyone else is saying is better than what I have to offer.

In a way I think that will change when I become a teacher, because maybe then, maybe, my students will care to hear what I have to say. But maybe not, in which case I will learn.

So, this assessment didn’t really tell me a whole lot that I didn’t already know, but I definitely didn’t realize how much of the other sides of leadership I was. My mother has always taught me to be a rounded person that considers all sides and checks what I say before I say it, and my teachers have always encouraged assuming at least one position you aren’t comfortable with. Growing up the way I did made that kind of comfortable, in the sense that I knew how to assess what others were thinking. It wasn’t until I was in college that it made me uncomfortable to take another point of view, and that was mostly because politics are absolutely terrible.

On the one hand it’s great that I can assume so many roles, it definitely makes being the “Devil’s advocate”l easier, but it also makes being an advocate in general easier. Because I can see where others are coming from I can easily assess what they are thinking and why they think something in a particular manner. Damn my considerate mother, and my semi-decent public education for trying to make me a well-rounded person, and actually succeeding, they made my life this much easier, and harder simultaneously. A fault of mine is being too understanding and accepting of how certain people feel. This makes sticking up for myself incredibly hard sometimes.

On the bright side of all these character strengths and flaws, I’ll never be bored. Signing off for now, your favorite east, west, and south, and kind of north, winded teach, Jaile.

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