Listing Things is Cool, right?

So now I’m working on the Teacher as Advocate badge or TA as I’ll refer to it here on out, and for this badge we have to become very conscious of stuff that is going on in the world of ‘teaching’ or at least things that concern teachers. So, lets go!

  1. WTF is going to happen with Betsy DeVos changing things all around? How is that going to affect me as a teacher 2-ish years from now? (Existential crisis time)
  2. How can teachers be better advocates and ally’s to teachers? Are there resources our there for helping teachers feel needed/wanted/appreciated?
  3. How are teachers fiscally responsible for their classrooms?
  4. How can teachers help the students who struggle at home with not having financial advantages?
  5. How is the Trump administration going to cut education systems?
  6. How is the new ‘voucher program’ going to affect public schools??
  7. Schools and the government have been rather conscious of their students health in the last 6-ish years, how are we going to improve teachers health??
  8. If schools are so set on construction, why don’t they do the bulk of it in the summer months when it isn’t a distraction to students? (I’m looking at you CSU/Tony Frank)

More to come I’m sure. Signing off, Jaile.


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