Within the Community…

“I was asked to share my story, my concerns, and my beliefs about education. No one outside my family had ever asked me about my outlook on education. I realized I had a voice – an authentic, small but strong voice with a valuable perspective on students’ needs. Somehow I understood how to paint a picture with words, a picture that pulls people into my world with students.” (Crabtree). Both the Ally and Advocate badges inspire different reactions within each of us, but we all have a unique voice to share these reactions. How can you act as a leader within your current community? Your future community/schooling system? Think of the ways you can use your voice to share your thoughts and inspire change within all aspects of life as well as the education system. What will you do?

This was our morning pages question this morning on this lovely day, provided by classmates. So, here we go!

Within my current community I think I act best as a leader by not trying to be everyone’s ‘motherly figure’ and just trying to help them make good decisions based on the circumstances. When you are surrounded by people who are less experienced than you but around your same age, it is hard to not mother them. I am a very mothering person, that’s just my nature, and it is very hard to not see these kids coming in who are still excited about college life and starting that chapter of their book, and not tell them to slow down, enjoy this time they have with their loved ones, and stop for the love of goodness making so much noise late at night, those hours will soon be missed. So, in my community I try to remain a positive force, dolling out positive words, encouraging hard work, and being a shoulder when it is needed. I’m not really sure the people in my community see this so much as being a leader so much as a kind stranger, and that’s ok for now. I don’t really want my community to know me so much as a close person. I would rather they recognize my work and give it credit to the world, maybe help them see that there are nice people left in this world that genuinely want them to succeed and go on to do great things.

In the future maybe I would like to be a more well known source of positivity, and I suppose I will be since I will hopefully be working in a school where it can be appreciated by the masses. In my high school years my teacher Mrs. Knapp who, if you’ve read any of my TaA badging blogs, you know was a great positive force for our school and community. I don’t strive to be her, or even really like her, but I strive to be the person she knows that I can be, and that person is a kind, caring, loving individual who puts forth her best effort to make even a small patch of this world a little better to live in.

So, for now, I’m going to continue to blog, and tweet, and post in general on behalf of all students and all educators in a way that will lighten our reputations, and provide a safe, calm, and kind environment that cultivates positivity and production and most of all, progress.

Signing off, hopeful, diligent, and vigilant, Jaile.

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