What do you do when your government loves to hate you?

Yeah, you read that correctly. I’m aware that there is a lot of this country that supports people like me, but in more passing days there has been an influx (again) of hate toward LGBT people. As a white lesbian, you might think that I don’t have as many issues, and maybe I don’t, but my people are still being discriminated against, abused, and killed for no more than being different. And I am sick of it. Physically sick. As a kid I thought I didn’t understand this country, and as I’m getting older, I realize that everything I was taught as a kid was basically wrong. The government doesn’t care about the people in this country. It cares about the 2% and making themselves richer, no matter the cost to the 98%. Despite being money grubbing hypocrites, there are so many coming into our government that are just bad, for lack of better words. Our current President and Vice President, both have very strong backgrounds in being anti-LGBT, and everything good there once was about this country I feel. I don’t really know what I can be doing to help my government change besides vote and hope for the best. So, if you have any ideas as to how we can work on making at least this little bit of our government better, I’d appreciate it. It’s hard to remain hopeful when it seems that every day there is a new hateful thing targeting my people that is influenced by this bully government.


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