If I Could Go Anywhere….

I found this little prompt online and thought I’d write about it.

So,I like to tell myself that I’d go everywhere, that I could never pick just one place to go. But that’s not true. Right now, I’d kill to be somewhere were I could get a free, really great dessert. But as far as actually traveling?

I’d go to one of the most relaxing places, supposedly, on Earth. Bora Bora, or the Maldives. Either way, an island far away.

An island far away, where I can swim in water as clear as air, lay on the beach or in a hammock and enjoy a good book, and really enjoy it. Where I don’t have to worry about missing a phone call, turning in assignments on time, being at work, and were I don’t have to be the one serving people, somewhere were I can tip my waiters well, and be pampered for my money.

At this point I just want to be on a beach somewhere with my best girl, relaxing and sipping fruity drinks. Of course, if I could take my puppy I would be happy too, but puppies take a lot of energy I just don’t have right now. Between work and classes I have time and energy for little more than collapsing in bed and watching one episode of The Golden Girls before falling asleep from exhaustion.

So, in an ideal world I could spend a week on the beach and then have my puppy join me so we could enjoy it together. Murdock loves sand, and water, and running freely, and I really miss him, but he is a rambunctious pup.

Anyway, I love planning trips I can’t afford, that always seems to help escape a little while and think about future trips I could take. So, signing off, Jaile.


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