Anxiety Prone? Me?

Hello you beautiful soul, yes, it’s me again. Your favorite anxiety ridden, queer, teacher to be. Today has been very anxiety-full.


In one of my classes our topic today was stress and anxiety in students. And I was not expecting a surprise ‘quiz’ that would be part of our final grade. I was a few minutes late because technology never ceases to amaze me at how mean it can be. So, imagine my surprise when I’m five minutes late to class, show up get this quiz that I was barely prepared for and three minutes in I’m only half way through the quiz when my professor says, “Ok, pencils up, stretch, breathe… This quiz isn’t real.” Immediately my brain is going off, alarms are raised, I can feel the vain on the side of my head about to explode, and when I hear the last part of her sentence I cannot even breathe. WHY SUSAN?? Is all my brain could manage for the next ten minutes. I am still recovering an hour later. Directly after class I met a friend outside of our lovely Education building and fell onto the grass with a pained groan. Yes, I know, it was completely extra and dramatic, but it portrayed what my heart was still feeling from the incident 40 minutes previously.

What was even funnier, was that in our text and was talked about in class, is how stress and anxiety about content in class can cause students to essentially shut down and not process any information that they may come across. And that was proven, because for the next ten minutes I could not focus on anything except how frustrated I was that she had done that to us. And toward the end of the class, I could not focus on anything, I found myself looking at the PopSugar “7 States of Candy: Brand-New Releases Featuring American Flavors” article they put up today. Two of which were California’s strawberry Kit Kats and Georgia’s honey roasted Reese’s peanut butter cups.

So, my advice to any future teachers:


Seriously, don’t add this stress to your students. It took everything in me not to get up and walk out of the classroom after she told us it was fake. You never know what your students are going through, especially on one particular day. Like today, I had a presentation and was still recovering from the nerves of that simple presentation, and to add the stress of this on top, was almost too much for me to handle.

Sure, you can say, “Jaile, that was kind of an over-reaction…” To which I will reply, “Don’t tell me how to live my life.” Probably accompanied by a string of expletives that I will not disclose for the sake of “professionalism.”

So, now that I’ve told you all of this, I would recommend reading that candy article, it’s actually pretty interesting, and will help you de-stress and wonder why they would ever make a candy of a certain flavor…

Have a great day and I hope you are not too stressed. Signing off, Jaile. ❤


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