Super Cool Organizations

Youth Radio is super cool. Do I even need to say anything about it? Yeah? Fine… Their mission statement is:

Youth Radio’s mission is to launch young people on career and education pathways by engaging them in work-based learning opportunities, creative expression, professional development, and health and academic support services.

This super cool site is dedicated to the Youth, which again, for lack of words, is super cool. They have all kinds of shows and literature for young people. That sounds weird coming out of my brain. Young people. I don’t know how I feel about it, but there it is. Even I found a few things I am interested in checking out later when I’m not in a classroom full of other people working on their stuff. Anyway, they reach a lot more students than the traditional classroom and that’s again, super cool. They also talk about a lot more things than what would typically be talked about in classrooms, for example, there are several things for students to read that relates to our current “President” Donal Trump, I think this is great because typically we try to keep politics out of school for the sacred peace, but it’s important that students have a resource they can understand that will give them a space to discuss politics and other current world events.


Up next is DAVA who’s purpose/mission is:

DAVA art education programs foster proficiency in areas critical to achieving success in the 21st century. These include learning and innovation skills as well as life and career skills.

DAVA is a great organization. They provide out of school art classes to youth in Aurora and that is awesome. Organizations like this provide a safe and creative place for students to express themselves and expand they’re creative minds. 

There are so many more great organizations like these that are great for young students. 

Signing off, Jaile. 


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