How does this apply to me again?

Cindy likes to ask questions like: “Why is this badge meaningful to you? What will it teach you how to do and be as a teacher?” and I like answering her questions, so, here we go.

For a refresher, I’m working on the TaA (Teacher as Ally) badge. This badge is focused on becoming a teacher that is an Ally through and through to students.

This badge is meaningful for me because I know that many students need the support and caring that only teachers can offer. Many students do not have the greatest support systems at home, or socially with their peers, but I feel that they should always have and know that they have, allies even if they are their teachers.

This badge is meaningful to me because growing up, as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, I’ve never been great at connecting with my peers, and that makes life really, really, REALLY  lonely. Students should never feel like they are alone in their struggles, or like they don’t have someone in their corner cheering them on against the opponent that is at least two weight classes up from them that is called Life. (Sorry, MMA/Wrestling is really ingrained in me from childhood I guess, but it is a great metaphor, feel free to use it yourself;)

I feel that this badge will help me to better understand exactly the support that my students need, and how I can effectively give them that support. I hope that this badge will teach me better ways of supporting the people around me. Sure, a kind word and a hug is often all someone needs, but I hope that this badge will help me acknowledge signs of what people really need. I want to be a better active listener, and I want to learn how to give better advice and support.

So, here’s to hoping that my dreams with my TaA will come true. More posts to come about my anxieties, how they are affecting my future teaching, and general crying about being lonely. Signing off, Jaile. ❤


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