Asking Questions

So, for my Teacher as Ally badge I had to ask three people about a teacher they had that made a positive impact and lasting impression on them, and how they specifically impacted them. So, here are my notes:

Madd (girlfriend)

  • Teacher→ Mrs. McBroom
  • Geometry
  • She was one of her favorite teachers, taught a lot of stuff in math, a good teacher, made class fun, challenged students to use their knowledge in a positive way.
  • Left a lasting impression because she challenged Madd to be a better student, and person.
  • She always asked the class hard questions to make them think and use their skills, would give students time to work through their thoughts and used what students thought would work to do the problem even if it was wrong, and would use those to help better students understanding of how the problem could and would not work.

Meg (best friend)

  • Teacher → Mrs. Quinones
  • LISA English and Speech (regular)[as well as theater and acting] teacher (Loveland Integrated School of the Arts); more creative learning environment, project based, and demanding; Meg took all of her classes except speech
  • Made a difference because she inspired Meg to become a more creative and innovative person/teacher that will help students learn. Sports should be equal with the Arts.
  • Specifically in her senior year, had her for her Capstone course, a ten minute speech/presentation on “Who we are as an artist, how the LISA program influenced/growth, best performance, and what post-secondary plans were”
    • 19 LISA seniors that year, advised all of them, nominated Meg for speaking opportunities, showing her how much of a leader she could be and showing her faith in Meg as a student and individual.
      • Super emotionally supportive and there for her students
      • Still a super supportive role in Meg’s life; consistent contact since graduation.

Mom (my mom)

  • Teacher→ Mrs. Summers
  • Made her life hell, thought she didn’t like her when she started the class, mom was a B/C student, and when she left her class she was A Honor Roll
  • Made mom understand that just coming in and doing the bare minimum was not good enough and that she should always do her best.
  • Mrs. Summers treated an easy B the same as an F if she knew that you were capable of an A.

Asking for these answers was a whole other ball game, but it was nice to hear about a teacher that all three  admired and had great experiences with that influenced their lives. A similarity I found with all three of their experiences and the teacher a I had had, and the way Jose Vilson talks about teaching in This is Not a Test, is that all of our teachers hold us to a higher standard than we think we are capable of, and that gives us the push we need to really be successful students, and successful people who are more than willing to go the extra mile.

From my previous post, the letter to Mrs. Knapp I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from other past administrators/teachers/ and school staff who felt moved by my words and told me how they felt. The general consensus was that:


IMG_3099.PNG So, it was great to see other people be influenced by a teacher. And it was reassuring to me that students do see their teachers as influential characters in their life stories.

Signing off, Jaile.


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