Mrs. Knapp…..

This letter is for you. I have been assigned this pretty cool project called Teacher as Ally, and throughout my work on this project I think of you. Part of my assignment is to write this letter, but that is beside the point. The point is, you were an ally to me throughout high school, and even now in college whether you know it or not.. 

You left your impressions on me, in the most positive ways, and for that I will always be thankful. You helped me work through my difficulties I faced as a young(er) student and less experienced writer. You helped me grow into the great scholar that I am becoming, and you always had a friendly smile and comment ready.

You were my friend when I needed a friend, even if you didn’t really know, you probably did though. You offered unwavering support and criticism and a guiding hand when I was lost at sea. You always were ready to talk with me about the latest pop culture obsession of mine, and you listened when no one else seemed to care. You offered a lot of support I think you may not have known you were offering, but it went along with supporting me as a person. 

Throughout school I never really felt like I was truly connected with my peers on an emotional, intellectual, or social level. Yes, I got along with everyone and I had friends, but I never really allowed them to be anything more than that. I never let them effect my life in any drastic way, and I have grown to regret that a little, because if I had, maybe I would have had an even better time in high school and adjusting to college wouldn’t have been this hard, on the social aspect. You accepted me for who I am through and through, not just accepting me for the nice girl who listens in class and does her assignments well. I don’t recall ever really telling you about my internal struggles, but you made it known that you supported those struggles, and that support I needed most. 

One day you told our class that our lives were up to us, and who we chose to love or not love do not matter in the scope of things as long as we love something, and are doing good things in life. And that has stuck with me since. 

So, I’m running out of time, so to wrap up, I love you Mrs. Knapp, and thank you again for all of your support and for being an ally to me. 

Love, Jaile. ❤


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