Another Excerpt Reading

Today I read an excerpt from I’m in the right place but I don’t quite belong yet by a young lady who is a fellow CSU student. The excerpt really resonated with me starting with when she says, “It’s lonely.” She goes on to tell us that the transition has been much harder then she had ever anticipated. I really felt that because I feel like she is saying on a social level, it has been hard to transition. For me the social aspect of college has been on of the hardest adjustments I have had to make. Sure class styles was rough for the first month or so, but even now, in my fourth semester I am struggling socially. I’ve gone through a series of falling outs in the last year and it has been really hard to deal with. I thought I had a good size group of friends I could count on, but one after another starting around mid November they started to drop out of my life. Luckily I still have one friend who has proven to be an amazing friend for me, I constantly send up good thoughts thanking whatever higher power there may be for allowing her to stay in my life. Because I could not do this with out her support. Yes, I still have my amazing girlfriend and my family loves me and supports me when I let them, but they are all 16 hours away and cannot be here when I am crying at work and just need a hug. FaceTime is great for when I am alone in my dorm room having a melt down, but it is my one remaining friend that can come hug me until I stop crying. 

So, college is extremely lonely. It is a hard adjustment, but you have to persevere. And if you’re lucky, you’ll find a friend who will stick with you through the thick and thin, and be there when you cry. 

Signing off, becuase now I’m just sad. Jaile. :’)


2 thoughts on “Another Excerpt Reading

  1. Jaile, the original post made me sad, too, but it also rang true, so I wanted you all to read and respond to it. I’m sorry you’re in a lonely place. I’ve felt a little abandoned myself this past year because within a 6-month period, a good friend/colleague left CSU and my daughters moved away. Their absence has coated everything with a sheen of loss, so I can relate to your thoughts here well. Maybe since I’m a professor, I’ll never be done with college? Anyway, if you wind up reading these comments, just know that in this moment, I’m sending you a virtual hug. ❤

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