I’m Your Teacher… and Your Ally

So, for my next badging item I decided to do the Teacher as Ally, it felt right, and I hope it continues to feel right. The purpose of this badge I believe is to explore what it means for teachers to realistically be a part of their students life. To be a part of their life as an ally who is there to support them socially as well as an educator. This project also touches on marginalized groups, and I would like to focus my project more on those marginalized groups specifically LGBTQ students. Another focus of this badge is to present your findings to the public, and with this there will be a Teach In assignment where we teach the class and a couple extra people we invite into the class to hear us speak. I’m not a hundred percent about exactly what this will be, I assume like a presentation of what I’ve found while researching and developing my own ideas about the information I find.

Am I looking forward to doing this project? Kind of…

I say kind of because it is going to be some work, but I am excited to research it. Also, I’m looking forward to focusing on marginalized groups like LGBTQ students as I would like to better understand what today’s students are going through and how I can better help my students in the future. As a queer student myself, I feel that I understand some of this, but every student has a very different experience with education. I would like to see how perhaps my own education could have differed had I had an allied teacher like myself throughout my entire schooling instead of only having two or three high school teachers who were actually supportive of my identity. Even in college I find myself having a hard time truly connecting with professors because a great portion of my professors are older, male, and not explicit most times about their support for the LGBTQ community.

So, I guess, yes I am looking forward to this badge. I really hope that I am able to continue feeling as passionate, if not more, about this subject. I also hope that I gain a better understanding of what today’s students need in way of support.

Signing off, for now.


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