Poster Sessions? Poster Sessions. 

Yeah, I know, the whole John Green thing is done in every way possible, but you know what?! I’m gonna do it too because it’s a quality thing. 

Anyway, as part of our UGP we had a poster session to display some of our work and include our classmates more with what we’ve all been stressing about. 

So, we all made a poster of sorts, or a slide show presentation and presented them to our classmates. On our posters we included our touchstone beliefs, how they tied into our UGP and our process of wobbling and flowing with the UGP. 

The results were incredibly positive. It was so nice to see other people who were passionate about they’re project content, teaching, and just making it past this hellish semester. It was also incredibly nice to share all that I had been working on and discovering with more than just the four and a half people I shared this experience with. It was empowering to be the expert at something that other people  did t know much about. Having said that, it was incredibly nice to see people’s reactions to my discoveries and beliefs that I connected with the project. 

When I was an attendee and observing other people’s posters, I was taken aback again by just how differently everyone has taken they’re project, but also, at how similar a lot of the bases for our touchstone beliefs are. We all seemed to have had this life altering experience that led us up to the point were we thought, “I think I’ll try teaching…” And then we tried it and were enthralled with what we found! 

This is my poster, yes, those are eggs. Let me explain:

I got my poster half off, and it just happened to be eggshell color so I was like how can I make this work? And I was thinking, I love eggs, I love radio, how can I connect these things without seemingly cracking? And I remembered that the radio station in my home town every year has an Easter Egg hunt in the town square and raise money for local organizations, so that’s why there are Easter eggs on my poster. Also, we are drawing nearer to Easter 🐣. 

Signing off for now my lovelies!


One thought on “Poster Sessions? Poster Sessions. 

  1. Although I did not have the pleasure of hearing your poster session, I still have loved supporting you in your process with your UGP! Way to push through and find what you are really passionate about, and determine your place amongst that. Plus, way to just write and push into the project instead of away from it!

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