Late Nights with the UGP

So, this has been just one of many late nights with this hellish, wonderful, terrible, awful, project. And by late I mean: it is almost 11:30pm and I’m about to crawl in bed and crash from exhaustion, but in my defense, I get up at 6:30am every morning and most days I work and go to classes. Today I was lucky enough to get off so that I could have some extra day time during the week to work on things, but I have to work tomorrow night to make up the hours, as well as I picked up an extra shift on Saturday because I’m about to go a week without pay, and that is really not great for me in my financial situation, as I have already done the math for the semester, and things are rough. But, that’s enough of those stressful things, I do want to sleep soon.

So what’s my point?

I wanted to come on here in my last waking, most honest moments and tell you:

It is ok. Everything is ok. Everything is going to be OK. I PROMISE. If you’re anything like me you have many nights that you are up later than you want to be, but you do it for the sake of making decent grades in school, having money to buy groceries with, and even having fun. Don’t worry about this. There is still time to finish things. I realized today that I am a lot further in my UGP than I thought I was, but I’m am now working on not being so god damned stressed about all of the things that I have due within the next five days. I actually have so much due for another class Tuesday that I’m kind of putting my UGP on the preverbal ‘back burner’ because I have a little more time to finish everything here. As well as, I’m going to continue to work on my UGP, but not as rigorously as I have been working say, yesterday and today. But, that is ok, because that is the miracle of time.

Finally, now that it is 11:30pm, I am taking my tired feet to bed. Signing off with lots of love and encouragement, Jaile.


Image: I made this clock on Analogue Clock Image Generator


4 thoughts on “Late Nights with the UGP

  1. I really needed to hear that. Thank you so much for the love and encouragement. I feel like I’m drowning in requirements for this project with little hope of finding air. I’m happy to hear that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the reminder that there is still time.

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