UG(h)P & Progressing

That’s right I said ‘Ugh’ in the title. The UGP is a bit overwhelming at times. Especially when you procrastinate doing the last bits of multiple things until the final days before the due date. It’s hard to gage just how long things will take to complete. What you expected to take maybe two days turns into a week, and before you know it the deadline is within view on your weekly calendar. So, how do you stop procrastinating and do it? Make time, sit down, a just DO IT. That’s all I can really say about that. It’s hard to feel motivated when you are struggling with a new genre, but that’s the whole point, I know. I’ve found myself writing more here on my blog than I have done for other assignments, which isn’t awesome, but I’ve found once I get out the gunk that I’m thinking I can better focus on what I do need to be doing. So, now having said that, I have a poster due Thursday that I have a pretty cool idea for that will hopefully work out. 

Signing off.


2 thoughts on “UG(h)P & Progressing

  1. Apparently I just love doing everything in a deadline induced panic. Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow. I know I’m the person who tells everyone to just sit down and do the thing. But I myself do not just sit down and do the thing. Well, I do. It just always happens to be the night before. So much for me being go-getting and inspirational.

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