Just Flow with it Already

How do I progress my flow as a writer? I’m don’t think I have a totally set way to be honest…

I’ve found that in today’s society students have been trained to respond to a deadline, if you ever talk to me about schooling issues these days, this is one of my big issues. So, having said that, I generally get my act together about the week before something is due and start planning my time, gathering thoughts in a coherent/physical way, and open up a word document and start typing. This usually works well for me because the pressure of the deadline and the grade motivate me to get to work and do the best I can to have a good quality assignment to turn in.

Another way I find my flow is to sit in a semi busy area with my head phones on and stare at my notes until a thought comes to mind. This isn’t my most efficient way to encourage progress, but if I have the time and the deadline isn’t as taunting and motivating yet, it can be really effective. Some of my best thoughts have come from sitting in a dining hall at a booth with my headphones on, starting between my notebook, my iPad, and the occasional passerby.

Similarly to the last point, I lay in bed and think about what my first paragraph will look like. I try to imagine a nice looking paragraph and when I actually read part of it it’s the ideas I want to incorporate in my work. Visualizing what my intro or thesis will look like can really help me to find the ebb and flow of the writing I want to do.

Sometimes, if I’m struggling to write that introduction and thesis first, I’ll skip straight to the body. I’ll type out all of the information and thoughts that I know I need to get in there, and as I’m working I’ll move things around, and once my thoughts are in a cohesive order I’ll add in some transition words if needed. Finally I’ll go back to my intro and write that stinking thesis statement, and then I usually write the rest of the introduction to frame my thesis and layout of my work nicely. (Side note: I’ve always hated outlines, so often this freer version works best for me, thoughts don’t automatically come in order and my brain has a hard time processing uniform lists.)



One thought on “Just Flow with it Already

  1. I’m so happy that I’m not the only one that only begins to get my act together once a deadline starts to loom over me. I’ve always hated outlines too though, I think that it’s easier just to go and edit as I go along.


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