A Breakthrough?

This week I’ve been logging in and out of my Google Docs, attempting to write my UGP. For a while I was confused as to what I was supposed to be writing about, that was my bad, I think I have it figured out now though. I have made a little progress in my work, I’ve began, and I have an idea of what I’m going to write. I found a source I want use mainly for the genre part of the UGP, as one of the requirements is to write in the genre you’re researching.

So, I’ve began writing a small radio segment (here is a link to the blog of my favorite morning show, if you’re interested.). I am doing a kind of light hearted news segment like a lot of stations have. One of my personal favorite segments is on a station back home, in Arkansas, they have a ‘news segment’ called The Really Awful Terrible Files, generally these ‘files’ are crazy news stories that will make you giggle or wonder what was in the coffee of the people involved. One of my favorite stories I’ve heard was about a crocodile somewhere in Louisiana I believe. This segment doesn’t always use local news, but sometimes, our local news can get pretty crazy.

So, I am slowly progressing. As I’ve been writing in tiny intervals of time I find here and there, I’ve found that it is very hard to write for something that is to be read out loud. When you write for this kind of reading, you have to take in account of what your reader will be going through and what your audience will be going through. You have to write sentences that flow well when speaking, I knew this was a thing, try reading the essay, The Language of Paradox by Cleanth Brooks out loud, it gave me a massive headache, and then, try reading something like Shakespeare, the headache isn’t as much.

You also have to write in sentences that aren’t too long. If they’re too long your reader will have a good time trying to read and not get out of breath part way through the thought. You also need to write in relatively short sentences so that your listeners can better comprehend what is happening. If the sentence is too long they are more likely to forget what went on in the beginning of the statement, and that’s no good.

I’ve also found that there is no set format for writing a radio script. It is a very personalized and individualized thing. I have found general templates, ones that tell you the basic components of scripts like the news, but no two are exactly the same. Every writer has their own style and I think that that is great! Except that it’s not great, because I work best with a semi tight format. So, here my dear friends, we’ve found another place for me to wobble in! But, that’s all a part of the process right?

Anyway, signing off for now. Have a great day!

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One thought on “A Breakthrough?

  1. Oddly enough, I’m opposite from you here. I find it harder to articulate my thoughts on the spot while speaking (if you can’t tell from talking to me) and writing has a way of totally arranging speech, for me. I took public speaking a year ago, and even as awkward, freshman Kendra with the blue streak in her hair (the blue is the only difference here, really), I found it easy to write something in the way I want to say it, but not so easy to just, well, say it. This typing here, for instance, is literally just a stream of consciousness from my brain, not so structured (if you can possibly imagine me structuring something). I think that when your format has no set structure, it gives you wiggle room to wobble in. I think you’re in a pretty good place, not because of the lack of structure, but because you can go in literally any direction, and I think that should fill you with determination (do you even undertale? if not, disregard).

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