Wasted Youth?

This morning I was sitting in class and I had a very reoccuring thought, “Am I wasting what’s left of my youth?” Maybe I am? Maybe I’m not wasting it after all? I immediately messaged my girlfriend and asked her if she thought I was wasting my youth. She promptly reassured me that I am not, that I have set wonderful goals for myself and that there will be plenty more time to do crazy things. This only made me feel slightly better, as I’m very hard to convince of anything, there’s that anxiety again! So, I eventually came to the conclusion that I’m not wasting my time, or at the very least, I really do, theoretically, have plenty of more time to do crazy things like get tattoos and go to cool places. I was very concerned that my two craziest stories are that I went to college far from home and got a puppy with my girlfriend in my second year of college. Of course I’ve done some traveling, but mostly with an educational group. That’s not to say that I didn’t have an amazing time when I did go, but I felt like I should be going to places like I’ve been now that I’m older. But, I can’t do any of that because I cannot legally rent a hotel room, because I’m underage, and I’m too poor from being in college to be able to even afford a night in a motel across town.

So I thought I’d write this post to find a more positive middle ground with these thoughts. I do have plenty of time to do things. I am only 19, two more years of college, a ten year ‘plan’, a lovely partner, a best friend, and a great college community. Go rams! So, my life may not be as boring as I sometimes think it is. So, don’t let a mid life crisis in your 9 AM class get you down. Things take time, and that’s one thing there’s plenty of.

Any words of wisdom would be great. Have a great day!

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