Thoughts on an Unfamiliar Genre and a Little Research Fun


As a moderately sized literary nerd, there aren’t many genres I’m unfamiliar with, however, I’ve never researched into the genre of radio play. For my Unfamiliar Genre Project I think radio play would be a great topic to explore. Upon a basic Google search, radio play seems to have a wide variety of genres within itself! The fact that I am excited about this is only mildly concerning to myself, but mostly a good sign for my project.

I think this project will be a good exercise for myself as a writer. It will challenge my abilities in writing by simply being a genre. I don’t recall ever writing about genres in general. I think this will also challenge me as a writer by opening a door into a new genre I’ve never explored outside of just listening to the radio.

I love research, I think this will be a fun and rather exciting project for me. Although it is an assignment, I plan to treat it as a more formal weekend adventure for myself. I have a fun little hobby of finding new things like genres and spending weekends obsessed with finding anything and everything out about the topic that I can. More recent weekend obsessions include: how to raise and care for snakes, how to make the best pastries, what are the best looks for someone with a body type and skin tone like mine, how to make the perfect smoky eye (a skill I have yet to perfect), and many many more topics that are various amounts of exciting. I research everything from terminology used, slang words for the topic, who is doing it, how those people are doing it, I even check out blogs, I often find myself in the depths of forum posts where discussions tend to run a little random but often offer insights you just can’t find on a government website.Of course, this project will take a little more than a weekend, I hope to maintain the same amount of enthusiasm toward it.

I totally recommend this method of learning to my readers. I’ve found that limiting myself to researching a topic over a couple days or a few weekends can keep the topic interesting and fast paced. I myself learn better if the pace is relatively quick, less time to get lost and wonder. Also, researching like this, as a leisurely hobby, can help to make your feelings toward research a little lighter, and you never know when the weekend researching you have done will aide you in a conversation with other people, or even help you with more serious research because you will develop researching skills, and you’ll get better at identifying reliable sources and weeding out the not so great ones. One final note, places that offer reliable sources are often reliable sources for other topics which can again, help you with future research!

Maybe I just enjoy research a little too much… Either way…

I look forward to further exploring this topic and piecing together everything I need for this project. I’ll keep you posted, have an excellent day!

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts on an Unfamiliar Genre and a Little Research Fun

  1. Jaile, you’re hired! I say that because it sounds vaguely like you’re trying to sell yourself to me through your enthusiastic description of how you do your work. I like the way that sounds, it seems to make everything more exciting, and I think that’s good as far as teaching goes. As far as the genre itself, I hadn’t thought about radio as a genre until you mentioned it, so I’m looking forward to see how that will turn out!

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  2. Way to go on enjoying research! I have to say that I am the COMPLETE opposite, but I have found value in research (only because it was one of my assignments for class). But, it is super encouraging to see that you’re trying something new, but still investing in your own passions!

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