Dear Mr. Pres. Trump

January 26th, 2017

My name is Jaile Litaker. I am a second year college student in Colorado, I’m originally from Arkansas. Two very different worlds, I know. Even in the world of education Colorado and Arkansas differ widely. I want to make gaps like this a little less wide. I am concerned about funding that goes to schools in our nation. Some schools are doing fine, the ones that are privately funded in high population areas for example. However, public schools like the one I came from in Arkansas, are struggling. Rural schools are often ignored and/or given last priority over larger schools that have a larger student body. But this funding deficiency also contributes to this. If smaller schools like mine had the proper funding for our programs there would have been better opportunities for students to learn even more than just how to judge a cow in the state fair. School’s like mine barely can afford two computer labs in the entire school, and even then the technology itself is second rate. Being in such a rural area really gives them the disadvantage on say, fast WiFi speeds, but that doesn’t matter much to students who don’t have proper technology to do their assignments on. I would like to see our schools being treated better and funded properly. As well as all teachers across the nation actually being paid livable wages in a single household. Most teachers somehow through budgeting and saving manage to make it just barely, pay check to pay check. Lets not continue to underpay and over work our teachers, I believe that if our teachers were treated better, our students education would get better. The value of education would become truer to the value that society seems to believe a good education is worth. Make my college debt worth it. Because if I can’t get out of my college debt in the few years following my college career, I think that most students and future students will decrease their own value of education. Please, take care of our schools. Give them proper funding. Maybe the funds that are being asked for from congress, could instead be put somewhere a little more focused on our country’s future, WINK WINK, the educational system.

Thanks so much Mr. President. I’m still holding out hope that America can become great again and not have to digress through one hundred and fifty years of progress.

Sincerely, the broke college student, Jaile Litaker.


2 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Pres. Trump

  1. I definitely relate to this. I have moved between Florida and Colorado my whole life, and the “gaps” between the schools here and there are tremendous. It seems like they are two entirely different curriculum. It made learning extremely hard, and my grades reflected it. Schools across the nation should be on the same page with the content that they are teaching.

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  2. I agree with all the points you make in your post. Unlike mine, you reach conclusions on all your thoughts.

    I also attended a rural high school, mine just in Colorado. So I totally relate when you say you’re ttechnologically underfunded and altogether maltreated. This is an issue of inequality of school districts that needs to be taken care of at a governmental level, which the current government is straying from, at least what I am understanding about recent changes.

    And it’s so detrimental and backwards. And we must change it. (Not necessarily you and me, but our country.)

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