A Blog Post About Blogs

As you can tell from the title of this post, this is going to be about other blogs and perhaps their relevance to my brain and/or education.

Jessica Cuthbertson

Up first is Jessica Cuthbertson’s blog: “In A Teachers Shoes.” In her blog she writes for people who are in the education game whether they be students/teachers/parents/or random observers. She writes a variety of pieces that are all very observational, personal, and full of ideas as to how to better incorporate certain things into every day life and even the classroom.  Jessica seems like a very observational and down to Earth person, after reading a few of her posts I am interested in seeing what she is looking to post in the future. Her most recent post called My #OneWord2017: Love, she writes about how things in 2016 were pretty rough and how she holds out hope for 2017. One of the things that she writes about loving is literacy, and with her love for literacy she hopes to spread that love even more in the classroom throughout 2017 and even further into the future. She writes about many other things and I definitely recommend checking out her blog!

Jose Vilson

Second is Jose Vilson’ blog The Jose Vilson. His blog is a little more professional, as in he’s paid to have an actual blog site made for him that asks you to donate money every time you load up the page. His site seems very political at first, and that’s because it is. Jose is very upfront about what he’s laying down. Many of his recent posts discuss our new president, Mr. Donald Trump, and many of his posts go deeper into the politics that surround the world of education, many are directed at current educators and people pursuing a career in education. One particular post called A Few Questions with Marylin Zuniga [An Interview], is an interview with a lovely young person and together they discuss the injustices and inequalities students face in the educational world and the politics that have allowed these kinds of inequalities and injustices to happen. Along with many other posts and topics, Vilson has also written a couple books like “This is Not a Test,” and I would recommend his blog if you are interested at all in the politics surrounding education in today’s world.

**UPDATE & EDIT** Jose informed me in the comments of this blog that he has not paid for the site to be professionally made, and having recently read This is Not a Test, he went to college for computer sciences and graduated with a degree, so he knows how to work the technology, and has been using it for years. I recommend reading his book, if you are a student at CSU Fort Collins, you can check it out from the Morgan library if you’d like to read it.


Finally, this last blog called Badass Teachers may be my favorite. On the top of the homepage is written: “This is for every teacher who refuses to be blamed for the failure of our society to erase poverty and inequality, and refuses to accept assessments, tests and evaluations imposed by those who have contempt for real teaching and learning.” I LOVE this. I was initially drawn in like a school child at the name, but as soon as I read this sort of opening statement and started scrolling down the page, I was hooked. This blog is a LIST of educators blogs and websites. It is a resource compiled of some groups favorite people in the education community that I had never heard of before. I was stoke to find this list. Every single person on the list is so different and they all have such strong convictions and vocabularies, it’s hard to believe that anyone could ever pass up the opportunity to read or listen to what they have to say about andything and everything, and especially those topics surrounding education. I think this list was made to cater to people just like me, seeking the journey of entering the world of education and looking for more positive role models who have great things to spread. I would definitely recommend this ‘blog list’ if you are ever in need of some new insights into literally ANY topic from Science to literature.


4 thoughts on “A Blog Post About Blogs

  1. Thanks for highlighting my blog here. I truly appreciate it. Something to consider: I made my site and I do it for free. I have no sponsors or anything of the sort, just the toil of 11 years of writing. I’ve really only asked for people to follow me on social media. Otherwise, I feel bad asking for donations for myself because of my predecessors’ own works.

    Also, I’m happy to see Jessica Cuthbertson’s blog on here. She’s a thoughtful person I’ve known for some time. That’s critical. Thanks again and hope to talk with you soon!


  2. Jaile, you found some great blogs, and as an added bonus, you’re an official rock star now that Jose Vilson knows who you are! And he’s right about Jessica Cuthbertson. She’s a friend of mine who I met through the National Writing Project. Did you know she lives in Denver?

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